Private Lessons

Frequently I have request for private sessions. I will certainly accommodate those request and will work with singles, doubles or sessions can be prepared for groups with specific request. For example, 6 advanced casters may want to get together for 4 hours to work on specialty salt water casts to help prepare them for a redfish or bonefish trip they are planning. Perhaps a couple is going to the Rockies to fish some cold water trout and want to better understand how to “fish the clock”. Such clinics can be organized to meet the needs of the students along with their time constraints.

Charges for singles are $100 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours for the first few sessions. Charges for three or more individuals are negotiable dependant on the number of students and hours of instruction.

Consider a gift certificate during the Holiday Season or year round for someone's special Birthday.  Give a teenager another excuse not to spend all day at the computer.  Introduce him/her to the wonderful outdoors.

You can contact me at (337)344-0908 or e-mail me at .